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F* the Diet : How to get off the weight loss roller coaster and lose 1 kg per week!

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Welcome to the Extra resources page!

Sounds empowering, doesn’t it?! Let’s get started.

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Gut Health PDF

Most people never consider the importance of gut health. There’s a lot more going on in your digestive system than just digesting food, absorbing nutrients, and eliminating waste. If your health is less than perfect, your gut is likely to be at least partially to blame! The digestive tract is a fascinating combination of activities. Food is being digested. Some of that food is allowed to be absorbed into the bloodstream, while other components of your meal and the digestive process are prevented from crossing over into the body.

Gratitude atittude

I used to think of gratitude as a spontaneous response to good things happening in our lives. Recently, however, I have understood that gratitude is much more than an automatic byproduct of a positive experience. Gratitude can be our emotional and intellectual baseline if that’s what we choose.

Breathing Technique

In my journey of healing, I learned that the heart is the centre of our being; if our heart is open to love, then all else will follow. Does this mean that traditional sayings about the heart are true? We say things like ‘Listen to your heart, follow your heart, home is where the heart is, and put your heart into it.’ Mystics and philosophers have affirmed through the ages that the heart is the source of wisdom.

Toilet paper warm up

Let’s agree that you will not be expected to do any exercise you hate, but we will take you out of your confort zone in order to find JOY again.

So now, we will warm up with the toilet paper exercise. Yes, I really do mean toilet paper! Three sheets will be enough. Enjoy this first exercise.

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